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Quartz worktops prices – facts you need to know

Quartz worktops qualities

Quartz is an interesting choice for worktops. In contrast to marble and granite it’s not a 100% natural and therefore its qualities also differ. Since quartz worktops are man made or engineered its original qualities are enhanced and it’s very often a better choice for worktops. During the manufacturing process resins and polymers are added to improve quartz structure and it’s also possible to have various colour pigments used to create any possible colour.

All this engineering makes quartz completely non-porous (in contrast to granite, which as a natural rock is porous) and resistant to variety of possibly harmful factors.  Quartz worktops are therefore resistant to scratches because its resin and polymer blend makes its structure more flexible. It’s also resistant to heat and obviously moist and spills. When it comes to colours it’s not limited as natural stones – any kind of pigment can be added to change original quartz colour.

Finally, quartz worktops maintenance is low, which means there’s not much you need to do to keep it clean and make it last long. Water with soap applied from time to time is enough. Of course, you can’t neglect its maintenance completely and should keep in mind to avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners – they can definitely destroy quartz structure. All these quartz qualities make it perfect for worktops, still what about quartz worktops prices, are they reasonable?

Quartz worktops prices – basics

Quartz worktops prices aren’t easy to clearly state. There’s multiplicity of factors influencing them. Still, two things are certain. Quartz worktops prices are usually lower than granite and definitely much lower than marble. Granite and marble are after all natural stones and this fact makes them unique and therefore, pricey. Although, quartz worktops prices are definitely lower than natural stones’ prices they are higher than prices of laminates. What factors do quartz prices depend on? Basically, quartz worktops prices depend on quality of the stone and its type.

Quartz worktops prices – offers

Quartz worktops prices depend also on such factors as: thickness of the slab that’s used for making a given countertop, the amount of raw material that’s needed, the original quality of the stone, its type (there are a few basic quartz types) and finally on the complexity of design. Finally, it all comes down to the suppliers. After all, they are responsible for shipping, storing and designing quartz worktops, sometimes manufacturing processes as well.


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