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Granite & Quartz Worktops – What Colours to Purchase?

Granite Worktops Nottingham & Quartz Worktops Nottingham – What Colours Will Best Match Your Kitchen?

Is it bothering you that the ample choice of worktops is so wide you’ll struggle to choose something perfect for yourself? Is the granite colour selection addling your mind? This guide will save you countless hours, sparing you from the the idle mind-tussling! First of all, before we even start dissecting each material/colour aspect, you will need the right company to choose your granite worktops Nottingham or quartz worktops Nottingham. Our suggestion is Polish Granite LTD. This blog has already mentioned this granite / quartz worktops company on countless occasions.

Which granite / quartz product will suit your Nottingham property best? What’s the best colour? Read on to find out:

Nottingham granite worktops

I don’t know how about any other bloggers, but I get along with this company very well. They provide me a lot of valuable granite / quartz and masonry industry related information, and generally brighten my knowledge regarding this field, in exchange for an occasional mention. And I really don’t mind, because I don’t just support them because they help me out, but also because they are genuinely a top trusted granite / quartz company on the UK market. There’s few quartz businesses out there which hold such a renowned and prestigious position on the internet – reflected not only through their page ranking but also outstanding reviews by none other than casual users of their services.

You may be asking why them when there are other local Nottingham quartz and granite companies out there. My answer is simple, because I have a lot of experience with Polish Granite, and I’m not very familiar with other stone worktops businesses from Nottinghamshire. Not only that, from my conducted research, I gathered that not many granite / quartz companies in the North East / Midlands that are so highly commended by general public. So, the answer is straightforward: you can truly rely on Polish Granite to carry out an amazing job. And before you ask whether they deliver & install quartz worktops in Nottingham – yes they do. In fact, they deliver their granite / quartz worktops goods to any property in the UK.

Now that you’ve chosen the right company, it’s time to decide quartz colour you would like to get:

There are literally hundreds of available quartz colours. Anything from black quartz to white quartz, speckled or blemished, veiny, marble-llokalike, grained or mirror-chipped – it’s all there. Quartz is so varied as a material because it’s man-made, therefore the manufacturers of these stones can experiment with any design and any pattern that they imagine. That’s why when it comes to quartz worktops, brand new designs get released every single year by successful companies like Compac, Fugen, Silsestone Cosentino, Unistone, Technistone or B-Stone. They all have similar shades, slightly varied patterns or completely unique slab designs. Which quartz colour you select is completely down to your preference, but we suggest the following formula to choosing and matching colours. I base this on the most modern interior design trends that I’ve been following for the past two/three years:Nottingham quartz worktops

  1. Grey + White – Subtle contrast between the two, but it’s a fantastic match. The good thing is the ratio can differ, so you can either opt for grey quartz worktops and white cabinets or completely vice versa. Great colour sheme for modern kitchens.
  2. Black + White – A classic, infallible standard. Nonetheless, it’s a stylish combination. The complete opposite contrast is what intrigues people and pulls them to this combination. This is a classic, timeless mixture, ideal for modern and traditional kitchens.
  3. Navy + White – A relaxing tone of colours. Once you combine the two, you’ll get a lovely tranquil result. Navy is a powerful colour, so maybe apply this colour subtly, perhaps to the quartz worktops alone, and embellish the rest of your cabinets in white? It’s completely down to you.
  4. Creme/Grey + Marble – This is an interesting combo, but surfacing in the trends more and more. The idea is that you elect marble-lookalike quartz i.e. generally white with creme/grey veins or blemishes running along the surface. These veins/blemishes are meant to match up with your units, which should be grey/creme in colour. This is a fantastic combo which is never fails to create that wow-factor.

Not quartz worktops? Try the granite alternative:

It cannot be avoided to mention that granites are much scarcer when it comes to colour range, compared to the artificial quartz counterpart. That’s because these are 100% organic products that are directly quarried from the earth, cut into slabs and polished for worktops. That’s why when it comes to these colours, there’s no denying that you’re limiting yourself to whatever is found in the earth. Do you want a plain colour? Or a colour that has zero amount of mineral elements – then you better choose quartz. Every granite out there, whether the black granite or grey or pinky contains a bit of mineral composition, manifested through veins or blemishes etc. Not to mention that granite’s are almost completely lacking purely white colours – you can get creme/grey looking ones or white with black flecks, but once again if you’re seeking something more uniform in colour, then you should consider quartz. Here are best colour pattern mixes when it comes to granite:

Nottingham granite worktops

  1. Dark + White – That goes for any dark granite: Absolute Black, Blue Pearl, Star Galaxy etc. It’s a common misconception that granite tops don’t go with contemporary kitchen designs, and only plain, natural wood suit these stones. Nonsense! Just look at the picture to your right. It’s a modern white kitchen with the black granite perfectly blending in with the context. If this is the look you want to achieve, go for it.
  2. Black + grey – Black cabinets & grey granite like Norden grey? It works perfectly, and any cabinet style can be utilised – from modern to traditional. With this hue combo you can also select any ratios e.g. all black cabinets, but grey floor and worktops.
  3. Copper + black – By that we don’t mean copper granite! There is no such thing, but copper elements like door handles, lampshades or cabinets can be purchased in copper or copper shades. See picture below for proof!

Nottingham granite worktopsAs you can see, granite can suit any colour patterns that quartz can. The only difference is that granite is varied in colour, so you can utilise the speckles, the veins or minerals to your advantage, and implement vast kitchen elements that subtly match these blemishes. The key thing to remember is that you can mix and match whatever you like, as long as you don’t utilise colours that clash. Feel free to read my other blog, where I discuss this further.


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