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Timber cladding: a quick introduction

Timber cladding delight with its appearance, affordable price, and wide range of applications make it very popular. Wood is in great shape and exterior walls decorated with this material can look great. But what should be kept in mind by those who opt for wooden cladding?

Brief characteristics of exterior wooden cladding

Timber cladding is ideal for those who prefer contact with nature and traditional solutions. Wood is human-friendly and pleasing to the eye material, and by using it, you can achieve many great results. The wooden cladding has been fashionable for years. It started to be used in the middle of the 19th century, and even today group of enthusiasts is very wide. Both simple cladding and external walls decorated with numerous decorative motifs are an interesting solution for those who want to have beautiful and cozy homes. What are the possibilities?

Timber cladding: which cladding materials are the most popular?

The most commonly used cladding is the traditional cladding panels, mounted vertically one next to the other. This simple solution gives great results both in the case of new construction of houses and in the situation when you are trying to renovate an older building. Also popular is double-weld-overlay cladding, where the panels are mounted at greater intervals, and the gaps between them are covered by another, wider cladding panel. Interesting timber cladding Mancherster can also be created with horizontal tongue-and-groove boards. Here, we also achieve great effects and provide effective protection against moisture.

Wooden external wall cladding: what is its greatest weakness?     

Naturally there is no shortage of weak points and dangers that cannot be ignored. Particularly important places are the lower edges of the board, which, if not properly beveled, can promote the accumulation of water. Joints of cladding panels with different directions are also places to be careful of. In this case, the timber cladding should be installed in such a way that the water always runs off the outside of the board. The place where the wooden cladding connects to the foundation is another vulnerable point of such a wall. Covering this point with a piece of sheet metal is one of the most popular solutions, although very often the sheet metal can be replaced with properly treated wood.

Wooden cladding and its maintenance

Timber cladding can look great, but if we don’t take care of it, it will cease to be visually attractive. It consists mainly of a frequent painting of the wall using appropriate materials. It is also necessary to quickly repair small cracks, because each such defect may become the cause of increasing problems with moisture. Quick removal is also required of those elements of the elevation which start to rot. The sooner we get rid of them, the less damage and problems related to the condition of a given wall. Systematic maintenance and painting are also required of metal sheets, which so often protect the most sensitive points of exterior wooden cladding.

Well-treated wood can serve for many years, and walls decorated with this material can look great. It is therefore worth betting on wooden elevations because they are one of those solutions that will not go out of fashion so quickly.


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