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Baltic brown granite – enjoy the beauty

Granite features

Granite is a very beautiful natural stone. It’s a truly unique rock which comes in a variety of colours. Each granite slab is different. There’s not a chance to find two identical ones. It’s due to its inner veining, that’s formed during natural processes over long periods of time and can’t be modified. It’s also the result of the presence of grains. Just under granite surface you can see a number of grains, small crystals  that give granite colour and shine. Some granite slabs are naturally very shiny and intense and others are more blank. Still, apart from distinguishable colouring granite has many other quality features.

These are: its high durability, resistance to multiplicity of harmful factors and practicality. It’s durable because it’s a natural rock that’s very hard and dense. These features make granite resistant to impacts and scratches. Moreover, granite is resistant to water, temperature fluctuations, rains, strong wind, heat and bacteria. As you can see these factors are both internal as well as external. Granite’s resistance to them makes it perfect for both outside and inside elements.

Baltic brown granite

Granite finds plenty of applications and comes in variety of interesting colours. One of them is Baltic brown granite. What are its characteristic features? Baltic brown granite is an interesting blend of browns and blacks with smaller spots of white and grey. This type of granite is finely grained and pretty shiny. Lighter flecks of grey and white break otherwise dull blend of browns and make this colour truly exquisite. Baltic brown granite definitely draws attention of your guests and therefore can find  a lot of interesting applications. Just think of bathroom worktops, kitchen countertops, backsplashes but also walls and floors.

Baltic brown granite is certainly perfect for kitchens, both old-fashioned with heavy farm cottage furniture and sleek modern ones all in whites. Just imagine, Baltic brown kitchen countertop, smooth and shiny standing in the very centre of your kitchen. Can you see its inner beauty?


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