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Top 9 Reasons Why Quartz Kitchen Worktops Should be in Your Modern Kitchen

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely the case that you’re browsing the internet in search of viable options for your next kitchen worktops project. Embarking on this journey is an exciting step, but it can also be tricky. Multiple questions must be running through your mind, relating to the range of choice, the colours available, the quality and endurance of each material. As well as cost of kitchen worktops – that’s probably the biggest factor to consider.cutting food on a kitchen worktop

Well, in this article we’ll focus on Quartz Worktops. In 10 quick points, we’ll thoroughly explain and help you understand why this material is the best choice for kitchen worktops. By the end of the read, the conundrum bothering your mind will hopefully abate, and you’ll be a step closer to selecting the right kitchen worktop material.

Is Quartz a Good Kitchen worktop? – Why you should choose Quartz Worktops:

Amidst the myriad options on the UK market: laminate worktops, acrylic worktops, wood worktops, copper worktops, one gem stands out in our opinion: quartz kitchen worktops.
We provide you 10 reasons why quartz reigns in the realm of kitchen elegance, practicality, and affordability.

1. A Reliable Defence Against Damage

Picture this: a bustling kitchen during Christmas day, knives chopping, pans clanging, kids running around spilling their juice. In such a dynamic environment, the last thing you want to worry about is your pristine worktops getting damaged. And with inferior worktops, like laminate kitchen worktops, this isn’t hard. All it takes is one slip of the knife, or one drop of the mug for the worktops to scratch or dent.stunning modern quartz kitchen worktops

When it comes to quartz worktops, this danger is completely eliminated. Resistant to scratches, chipping, denting or splitting, these kitchen worktops are the masters of survival. Everyday wear and tear, or harder mechanical impacts simply do not affect quartz kitchen worktops.

2. Stain Resistant Product

Spaghetti sauce splatter? Curry stain? Red wine spill? No need to panic. A quartz worktop is inherently non-porous; an impenetrable shield against all stains. Regardless whether the stain is left overnight, or it dries on the work surface. Nothing will get absorbed into the quartz surface. And indeed, this pertains to very tough-to-clean or abrasive liquids like vinegar, sauces, oils or even many acids.

This cannot be said about laminated worktops, unfortunately. Any tougher liquids, that aren’t cleaned up instantly, can get absorbed into the kitchen surfaces, eventually bulging out or warping the manufactured wood.

3. A Kaleidoscope of Quartz Worktops Colours & Patterns

The monotony of limited options is a thing of the past. Quartz worktops companies like Compac, Fugen Stone, CRL, Cimstone, Silestone or Quartzhub spoil you with a plethora of colours and patterns (anything from homogenous designs to intricate patterns that imitate concrete, chipped mirror or veined marble), allowing you to shape a kitchen that mirrors your unique style.marble effect quartz worktops

Whether you fancy the timeless allure of pure white stone worktop or the dramatic sophistication of deep black quartz worktops, the palette is yours to command. There are presently so many stone suppliers of kitchen worktops and slabs that you can pick almost anything. From the stunning, widely popular Eternal Marfil or Negro Tebas to the mirror chip Astral Azabache, Calacatta Gold or Cararra White, not to mention hundreds of other natural stone imitations.

If you are struggling to make a choice as to the quartz kitchen worktops, we recommend this blog. It discusses which quartz worktops designs suit modern kitchen styles; it goes over the trends and provides some vital insight.

4. Effortless, Easy Maintenance and Cleaning of Quartz

We live in an age when due to the hustle and bustle of life, we barely have time for cooking, never mind the cleaning. High-maintenance worktops, like wood or laminate, are slowly becoming obsolete. Instead of facilitating the cooking and clean down process, they hinder us significantly. Quartz takes the hassle out of cleaning. A simple wipe with a damp cloth across the polished surface, and a dollop of mild detergent suffices to keep your quartz work surfaces gleaming.kitchen worktop island

If you’re about to invest in new kitchen worktops, we’d highly suggest you instantly opt for the hassle-free quartz countertops. It’ll save you countless hours cleaning, spare you the stress and won’t drain your wallet, as won’t be forced to replace your worktops every 4-5 years. Bid farewell to laborious scrubbing and welcome the ease of maintaining a spotless kitchen thanks to quartz stone worktops.

5. Affordable Worktops: Shattering the Myths and Misconceptions

Contrary to popular belief, luxury of owning quality quartz worktops (or natural stone like granite worktops), doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag. Cheap quartz worktops offer an affordable alternative without compromising on style and quality.

But best of all, you can achieve a high-end look without breaking the bank. The average price for a quartz kitchen worktop project is currently £2.3k. If you opt for laminate or wooden worktops, it’s only a little bit less: £1.8k. And indeed, you end up saving a few hundred quid on the wood-based kitchen worktops, but at what cost? Withing 6 months you will notice first signs of damage: scratches, dents, chips. Then the staining shines through. After 4 years you’ll need to invest £1.8k again, as the kitchen worktops will look worn, used and unattractive.

Quartz stone worktops, which will last you for decades, ought to be the discerning choice for budget-conscious homeowners. But also those who want to spend their well-earned money on something once, without wasting more years down the line.

6. Timeless Quality and Longevity of Quartz Worktops

As we mention above, investing in a quartz worktop isn’t just a short-term fix; it’s a commitment to enduring quality.

Quartz’s resistance to damage and ageing ensures your kitchen maintains its original allure across decades, standing the test of time. It’s not just a kitchen worktop; it’s an investment in the longevity and timelessness of your living space.mugs on a Carrara kitchen worktop

Besides, it’s now common knowledge that quartz is a timeless product – the designs, patterns and colours hardly ever age. There are people who have had their quartz worktops installed in 2010, and these still stand, looking like new today. But above all, they fit the context; they do not look outdated.

Nowadays, the marble effect quartz worktops are very popular, imitating the natural stone quarried across the world. These quartz colours are especially highly resistant to ageing, as marble was as popular a hundred years ago as it is now – and based on that evidence and evaluation of trends, that worktops kitchen design will also be popular a century from now.

7. Versatility Beyond the Kitchen Worktops

Quartz’s versatility extends beyond the realm of kitchen worktops, for which its known for the most. From splashbacks to side panels, upstands and windowsills, quartz seamlessly integrates into various projects across your home, offering a cohesive aesthetic throughout your entire living space. It’s the multitasking maestro your home deserves.modern white kitchen

Humans love symmetry and unity, especially when it comes to design. Picking pure white, new quartz worktops that suit your black kitchen cabinets, and then scattering that white theme throughout the house: windowsills, stair steps, bathroom worktop is an eye-pleasing solution. With quartz, this is possible. The same material you utilise for your kitchen worktops, you can apply to other projects. If your living room is joined with your kitchen, perhaps using the quartz kitchen worktop material on your coffee table could be a nice way to create continuity throughout your home.

If you’re dreaming of a kitchen that exudes harmony, quartz kitchen worktops are the way forward. The consistent aesthetic, created via extending quartz’s presence beyond the worktop helps you to create an individual design that’s part of your personality. Matching splashbacks, side panels, upstands, and windowsills, connected to the white quartz worktops provide a cohesive visual narrative, turning your kitchen into a symphony of style.

8. A kitchen Worktop Crafted by Professionals for a Perfect Fit

Flexibility is key, and quartz delivers this more than any other material. Professional masons can mould, shape and polish quartz to your desired size and shape, ensuring a bespoke fit for your kitchen. You give your supplier the measurements, and they create a custom quartz worktop cut to size.marble look modern kitchen worktops

And while producers of wood and laminate worktops do the same, there are some restrictions.

  1. You can’t always cut an oaken worktop in custom shapes because of the grains that might affect the manufacturing process.
  2. Laminate kitchen worktops cannot be given the same, intricate profiling treatment as quartz worktops might. You can’t apply a rounded, ogee, full bullnose or shark-nose edge to a laminate product. With quartz surfaces, you can experiment in those ways.
  3. With quartz, you can insert as many holes as you want in the kitchen worktop e.g. for the sink, switch hole, tap hole etc. Wooden worktops don’t allow that, as there’s always the risk of moisture and water getting in between the gaps, and thus affecting the worktop.
  4. Speaking of the sink, with laminate countertops, you’re usually only stuck with an overmounted slab of metal that gets inserted over your worktop. When you opt for quartz, you can glue the sink under the worktop surface, which is a far more aesthetic solution. Draining grooves cut into the engineered stone worktop are a bonus.

There are many more examples we could provide which prove that it’s far more flexible to opt for quartz. Vulnerable material like wood of MDF complicate the whole process of worktop manufacturing. You don’t just have a bigger palette of colours and patterns, but you’re given greater flexibility when it comes to manufacturing the worktops. With quartz, it’s a tailored experience that elevates your space to a realm of unparalleled sophistication.

9. Property Value Booster

Your home is an investment, and quartz is the secret weapon to boost its value. Properties adorned with stone, especially a kitchen with quartz worktops, are not only aesthetically appealing but also more attractive to potential buyers or renters. It’s a win-win situation where beauty meets financial prudence.modern kitchen island with stone worktops

After all, with the knowledge that a property you’re interested in is protected, you instantly get swayed. Everyone wants to buy or rent a property, with a guarantee that they won’t have to pay for easily-gathered damages in the nearby future. Quartz kitchen worktops UK are hard-wearing, heat resistant, scratch-resistant, stain proof finished product – that is an encouraging thought.

Making the Final Decision: Choosing the Right Kitchen Worktops

To sum up, when it comes to kitchen worktops, there’s no doubt that quartz reigns supreme. Its resistance to damage, stunning variety, low maintenance, and affordability make it the unequivocal choice for every homeowner willing to invest in a quality, long lasting product.

We hope that all the advice we provided in this blog have been informative and useful. Before you make any choice, it’s vital to remember the key benefits of quartz – everyone that we know has never regretted installing quartz worktops direct into their kitchen.

Next time we discuss quartz worktops, we will try to present a breakdown of quartz worktops prices. We want to show that the cheapest quartz worktops can really be attainable for very little nowadays. That incudes the material, templating and installation process. Quartz worktop prices don’t have to deter you, and there are reliable, trustworthy kitchen worktop suppliers we could suggest that will help you with the project of your dreams. But we’ll expand on all that in the next blog!


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