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Granite safe cleaners – shiny kitchen

Granite properties

Granite is  a natural stone which is famous for its high durability, resistance to variety of possibly harmful factors and unique colouring. As a natural stone granite’s colour range is somehow limited (mostly there are whites, pinks greys and darker shades like browns or blacks) but they are truly stunning since each slab is different and you won’t find two similar ones. Apart form these widely known granite’s qualities let’s not forget that it’s also almost completely non porous and impervious to bacteria.

Although, granite is so durable and resistant without proper maintenance and cleaning it’s won’t last long. When installing your granite worktop you should keep in the mind the following things: always use proper safe cleaners, remember to seal your worktop before you even start using it, forget about harsh disinfectants or abrasive materials and try to clean it on a regular basis. Although, these are really simple tips and ideas many people tend to forget about them and as a result their granite worktops slowly lose their shine and shape.

Safe cleaners and methods

In case of granite safe cleaners are especially important. Although, granite’s maintenance is rather low and you don’t actually need any dedicated cleaners it can be tricky. First all, you should remember that safe cleaners dedicated for granite aren’t many. Of course, there’s a lot of offers stating that they are perfect granite safe cleaners but in truth there’s really nothing special about them.  Sometimes, it’s simply better to use your own safe cleaners – made from warm water and soap.

Home made granite safe cleaners can be easily prepared and aren’t expensive. Just remember to use delicate dish soap that will be gentle to your granite worktop. Safe cleaners made of water and gentle soap are enough to keep your granite worktop clean and hygienic. Yet, remember not to spoil the effect with using some abrasive material. The best way to clean granite worktops is a soft cloth. You simply wet this cloth in water mixed with soap and wipe your granite worktop surface.

Additionally, if you need safe cleaners that can effectively disinfect  your granite worktop focus on dedicated products or make your own safe cleaner with water and isopropyl alcohol. Forget altogether about abrasive and harsh chemicals. They can only damage your kitchen worktop. Remember that granite’s maintenance is low and doesn’t really require any special treatment and special products. Safe cleaners are of course good but you can always make them yourself.


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