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Granite worktops for sale UK – Which company has the quickest turnaround?

In many homes around the UK, kitchen serves as the most important, dominant room. It is primarily a place where meals are prepared and eaten. Where we drink our coffee, hang out with friends, make drinks or feed out pets. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the worktops we constantly work on are resistant to continuous potential threat via spillage or mechanical damage.

The role of the material from which they are made is therefore very important. You can choose a temporary wooden worktop, which is less resistant to staining/damage, or opt for granite worktops, wrought from stone slabs that are characterised by high strength.

Are granite kitchen worktops worth it?

There’s always a lot going on in the kitchen. Common meetings at the table are usually preceded by long cooking and preparation of favourite treats. Sometimes unpredictable things happen: a cat spills a bottle of oil over night or children mess with chemicals to make ‘potions’. For this reason it pays off to invest in anti stain granite countertops.

When treated with special impregnators, at least every 6 months, these solid surfaces have the potential to withstand any liquid. Their anti-porous properties are very similar to that of quartz worktops and their longevity surpasses any other worktop brands: whether it be laminate, wood, metal.

Advantages of stone countertops – Are they better than quartz worktops?

The main advantage of granite worktops is their incredible resistance – not only to abrasion, but also to mechanical factors. This natural material is also heat resistant, scratch resistant and stain resistant, so long as it is regularly impregnated.Light colour granite worktops

Heat Resistance

Granite is essentially volcanic rock that has cooled down and compressed under immense pressures. It’s combined with minerals that are one of the hardest things on earth. Therefore putting boiling pans and heated pots directly on top of the granite surface won’t blemish the worktops. This is the antithesis of wooden or laminate worktops, which tarnish upon first contact with a burning metal.

Scratch Resistance

Since granite is a rock, any sharp blades or objects will not cause it any harm. Metal glides over it as if over concrete and the polished surface of granite worktops is adding an extra layer of endurance. You can therefore chop your food directly on the kitchen worktops, prepare the food, shuffle jars around, even stand on the material, and dispel your worries of potential damage.

Stain Resistance

The low liquid absorbance of an impregnated granite makes it not only stain resistant but also extremely hygienic, since the bacteria from liquids cannot get trapped within the material, nor do the liquids damage the structure of the surface either via warping or fading.Black veined natural granite worktops

Therefore granite kitchen worktops made of natural stone are not only aesthetic items, but undoubtedly functional tools for all interior, especially traditional or new kitchen. All granite worktops colours perfectly fit into classic arrangements, but will also complement the modern ones – hopefully lasting a lifetime if maintained. Many other factors speak in its favour. And thousands of online reviews dub granite worktops as the superior material.

Granite worktops colours – What’s available?

Every lover of natural colours will surely find a suitable granite offer in a preferred shade. Whether it be beige, black, pink or grey. There’s currently about 60 available granite colours that reliable manufacturers can offer, in 2 thickness ranges: 20mm & 30mm. Most are provided by renowned companies like Levantina, The Surface Collection or Cosentino’s Sensa.

Some colours are cheaper, other more expensive. It all depends on a range of factors, such as availability, country of origin, rarity or the supplier whims.

To receive a granite worktops quotation for your kitchen design project, or to book a showroom visit, feel free to get in touch with the recommended business below. They will gladly book you in and prepare a range of granite samples for you to check out and perhaps even take home.

Which granite worktop company delivers their granite and quartz materials the fastest?

Granite kitchen worktops are manufactured by professional stonemasons that can be easily found with one Google search. But it’s not as simple as that – you also need a reliable manufacturer of worktops, renowned for decent overall service. If we were to suggest a granite worktops supplier, it would be the following company. They specialise not only in granite worktops & quartz worktops, but also interior design and sale of other kitchen design accessories e.g. sinks, kitchen cabinets & taps.Absolute Black granite worktops

By contacting a professional worktops granite supplier, who can offer you attractive granite worktop prices, your investment won’t go to waste. You’ll be purchasing a granite worktop at a guaranteed high quality, a decent quotation price and you’ll be provided with invaluable, modern kitchen designs advice that will transform the aesthetic appearance of your whole interior into a timeless arrangement; its beauty delighting all those who appreciate both designer and classic finishes.

To the subject at hand…

We need to mention that the abovementioned company, Polish Granite, delivers & installs granite worktops at one of the fastest rates in England. We contacted them about details and they mentioned their aim is to always deliver between 4-6 days from the templating date.

Of course, however, they only have two bases, in Manchester & Preston. That means if you are located in West Yorkshire, for example, their turnaround might extend to 4-7 days. If you’re in London or Scotland, it could even extend up to 8 days. It all depends on your location, circumstances etc.

Regardless, their delivery & fitting is very reliable. We’ve ran through multiple reviews, online comments and even contacted a few of their past customers to extract more details. The response is pretty uniform: They are timely, always complete each project as promised, with few or exclusive of flaws; they are fast but precise and attention to detail is immaculate. All in all, they are highly recommended.Granite Worktops Samples in Showroom

Once you get your worktops delivered & installed, how do you maintaining and clean your fresh granite worktop surfaces?
Although granite worktops do not require much attention and specialist cleaning, it is worth remembering a few simple tips that will keep them for many years.

When choosing cleaning agents, avoid those which contain acids (e.g. phosphoric, citric or hydrochloric) in their composition. Dishwashing liquid can be used without much concern, but in this case it is important to wash it thoroughly, because even a trace of it can leave an unsightly mark on the top if it comes into contact with a hot dish.

For the care and cleaning of granite worktops it is therefore best to use the intended agents, which will be one hundred percent safe and will not affect the impeccable shine of the surface. We recommend sprays like Solid Surface Cleaner provided by CRL Stone.

If you don’t have the special agents at hand, a simple damp cloth and a dollop of dishsoap will do the job to clean granite or quartz worktops.

How are granite worktops installed? How long does it take to fit granite?

A granite worktop needs to perfectly align with your kitchen or bathroom walls, therefore the recorded dimensions of the surface area need to be perfectly templated, down to the last inch. This is the first, and most important episode of the entire fitting service.

When measuring, a given company will measure the length and width of your units, recording their alignement with the wall, the overhangs, calculating the upstands, side panel length etc.Grey BBQ granite worktops with grain

When planning the countertop size, you should take into account the fact that the worktop should extend about a minimum of 2cm beyond the unit line, but the length of the overhand is entirely custom and you are free to decide. The optimal size of the overhang can be suggested by your fitters.

After recording all accurate measurements of the units and kitchen in general, a countertop template is made, which includes detailed information e.g. position of the sink, cooker, hob, upstands etc.

The next step of manufacturing is to level the furniture and try to adjust the countertop to the surface on which it is to be placed. A template service can last anywhere between 1-3hrs, depending on the size of the kitchen, circumstances and projects. The granite worktops firm then leaves and the manufacture process begins within the workshop.

Once all pieces are cut & polished, the final installation process begins. The pieces are delivered to your property, taken up to the kitchen and appropriately placed on top of the levelled units.

All of this is performed by professionals, who know exactly how and where to place the heavy slabs to avoid injuries or damage to your property. It is therefore always advised that you stay out of the way, keep the place & units clean & free of appliances and ready for the installation. Ensure you comply with the instructions of the installators at all times.

When mounting granite slabs on any piece of furniture whose level has not been corrected, we are exposing the material to uneven stress distribution, which can lead to cracking of the top. So it is vital that once the fitters level out the units during templating, they remain so until the time of the fitting.

When installing granite slab in the kitchen or bathroom, we should remove any obstacles that may hinder movement in the room. 1m² of granite can weigh way over 30kg, and any inconvenience increases the risk of stone damage, or injury to the fitter.

If there are two pieces or more of worktops that need joining together, the fitters will glue them with special epoxy glue, that will include special pigments that best reflect the colour of your worktop, or the grain of the material. The colour of the glue is customised to ensure your joins are as seamless as possible. When the epoxy glue dries, the joins are thoroughly wiped and the worktop pieces are officially joined forever.

Henceforth, the worktop pieces, despite being originally separate, now move as one. So it is always advised that should your units be subject to any irregularities, you try to fix the level as soon as possible, or call your fitters to fix the issue. Avoidance of such procedure may lead to unnecessary stress on the worktop and at best a damage to the join, at worst a crack in the stone.

After the main worktops are fitted and glued, other bits are assembled, like the splashbacks, upstands, side panels, windowsills and the sink is glued + tap hole drilled out.

When it comes to kitchen islands, granite worktop is very heavy and often does not require gluing anymore. However, the use of silicone for stone is recommended for small kitchen islands or bathroom & vanity cabinets.

The adhesive should then only be applied after the granite has been laid. The countertop should be lifted up slightly, the silicone is squeezed out at several points of contact between the cabinet and the countertop, the stone plate is gingerly placed top and pressed slightly. The silicone usually dries within hours – until that point our advice is to avoid contact with the given worktop.


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