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New format – Dekton worktops for special tasks

Slim is a new version of the Dekton worktop. It is only 4 millimetres long. The novelty still retains the technical and mechanical properties of the flagship Cosentino product, but from now on it combines them with a new, much thinner and lighter format.

Dekton is a material used for kitchen and bathroom worktops, floors, door cladding and facades. Since March, Cosentino has added a new format to its range: Slim with a thickness of just 4 mm. Advantages? Easier installation, for example.

What’s a Dekton plate?

Dekton plate is a combination of natural raw materials (glass, porcelain and quartz) and the most modern technologies of the XXI century. Stone material under pressure of 25 thousand tons under special conditions (sintering technology of particles) turns into a highly compressed plate. Thanks to such mega-compression and technology we obtain a durable disc for the whole our life. It does not need renovation.

Cosentino Group portfolio

Dekton® by Cosentino is the first brand in the company’s catalogue. Dekton is an ultra-compact surface, developed by the Development and Research Department of the Cosentino Group. The world premiere of the brand took place in 2013, and its development took 22,000 hours of research. The material of large-volume and multi-format plates can be personalized using two technologies – engraving and inkjet printing. The Dekton brand consists of 8 collections.

Performance characteristics

As the manufacturer assures, Slim has all the functions and properties for which Dekton is known. It is manufactured using a high temperature sintering process that makes it resistant to scratches, stains, high temperatures and ultraviolet rays. Even the most stubborn wine, coffee and rust stains can be easily removed from the surface. Furthermore, Dekton Slim has a very low water absorption coefficient and can be installed as a single large-format component.

Whatever the style of the space, it brings a breath of modern elegance to it and can reproduce the effect of any material while maintaining the highest level of quality. With a reduced thickness and weight of 10 kg/m2, the new format makes Dekton Slim an alternative, especially for lightweight projects.

As a worktop and as a cladding

The thin surface of Dekton Slim can also be used as a cladding for kitchen walls and cabinets and can be combined with worktops of different thicknesses. When used in bathrooms, it provides a coating that is resistant to moisture and stains. Apart from wiping with a damp cloth, it will not require any additional maintenance. The large format size of 3200 mm x 1440 mm covers large areas, reducing the number of joints and thus the amount of dirt. But that’s not all. With this material, we can create furniture such as tables that are resistant to weight and scratches or doors that won’t scratch or get dirty. There are many design possibilities – thanks to cutting to size and easy installation.


Today, Slim is available in eight shades of Dekton. Over time, the range will be extended to include other colours from this range.


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