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4 useful tips to keep interior wall cladding panels as good as new

The way you care for your wall cladding panels largely depends on their type. It is not hard to guess that plastic or glass panels will be easier to keep clean than upholstered panels. Regardless of the material of the panels, however, each can be washed and cleaned.


In order to keep wall cladding panels’ shape, remember not to push them too close to furniture. Such pieces of furniture are quite heavy, so they can cause permanent dents or cracks. So it is better to place them literally a few centimeters in front of the wall. In addition, when we move a chest of drawers closer to the panels, there is a very high risk of stains appearing. Some materials also have a tendency to change color as a result of excessive exposure to sunlight. So, if after some time we move the furniture away, our eyes may see a rectangle in a slightly different shade than the rest of the wall cladding panels.

Daily care

After installing the wall cladding panels, it’s a good idea to remember to clean them regularly. It is best to vacuum them every day. This will help remove dust and other dirt. However, it is good to use a special soft pad for this purpose. A classic vacuum cleaner tip could leave unattractive marks. The device should also be set to the lowest power and try not to press the tube too hard. If you are afraid that you will damage the panels in this way, just use a dry cotton cloth. This old and forgotten device will certainly help us to take care of the appearance of an unusual and original wall covering.

Removing small stains

Small stains can be removed from the wall cladding panels with a damp cotton cloth. If it is not necessary, it is better to avoid strong detergents that may discolor the color or create stains. Be careful not to rub the fabric too hard or scrub it with a sharp sponge. Such actions cause damage to the fabric. If the panels are made of e.g. eco leather, washing up liquid and a paper towel may be helpful.

Removing bigger dirt

Stronger and bigger stains may be removed with gray soap. This is quite a delicate agent and therefore, it should not damage the structure of the wall panels. However, it is important to remove all the foam from the surface of the wall without soaking it too much in water. On the other hand, if the stains are still not removed, it is worth taking the help of specialized agents. As a last resort, you can also hire a specialist who should deal with such a problem.

Which materials are good for wall cladding panels? 

In order to keep the panels always look like new, it is worth considering the material they are to be made of before making the final purchase. There are fabrics on which you can see every particle of dust and the slightest dirt. Fortunately there are also stain resistant upholstery available on the market which is less prone to stains. So it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the whole range of upholstery. A professional upholsterer can offer his advice.



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