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Granite off cuts – where to use them?

Granite coffee table, garden path or natural stone fireplace are elegant and durable, but are considered expensive. Meanwhile, you can also have them for a relatively small amount of money. It is enough to use granite off cuts for this purpose.

Granite – hard and durable material

Granite is a mineral of very high hardness and resistance. For this reason, it has been used in construction since ancient times. And it is still very popular.

Granite is one of the hardest rocks in the world – it is ranked 7th on the Mohs ten-degree scale. It is a material resistant to frost, wind and water. The absorbability of granite is negligible, and after impregnation or resination – zero. This raw material accumulates heat very well because it is a very dense material. Moreover, it is not easily abrasive and will not be destroyed by chemical compounds or fire. It is very difficult to scratch it, because there are few materials harder than it. Its popularity is also due to the fact that it is susceptible to shaping. Granite can be easily processed in different ways depending on its intended use.

Granite – colours

Granite is a deep-sea magma rock built mainly of quartz, potassium feldspar, plagioclaze and biotite. It is the most common magma rock in the world. It is a material of dispersed crystalline structure, which is characterized by various grains. On the most often gray background you can see irregularly arranged grains of different colored minerals. Sometimes the colored grains form a pattern of stripes, ribbons, stains. Granite can be grey, dark grey, black, light grey, white, pink, red, green.

Among the mineral additives it contains is e.g. mica, so some varieties of granite shine glassy or like gold. In Poland, granite is mined in the Tatra and Karkonosze Mountains. On the Polish market you can also buy plates or plates of granite imported from India, China, Portugal, Italy, France, Brazil, etc.

Granite off cuts – where to use them?

Granite off cuts can be used as a finishing material in many places. It is used for flooring, building or cladding in dry and damp rooms and where it will be exposed to varying temperatures, e.g. on heated floors or terraces. The most popular are:

  • floor,
  • kitchen worktop,
  • window sill,
  • fireplace cover,
  • stairs,
  • wall lining,
  • a shelf,
  • terrace,
  • the path to the house,
  • the cladding on the façade.



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