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Natural colours – power of the world

What are natural colours

Home interior design is constantly changing. There are things that today are extremely fashionable and trendy and tomorrow are suddenly obsolete. There’s actually no rule as to what can become a fad and why. Yet, there are still some standards that somehow are always true and relevant. These are mostly all the things that are related to nature. After all, we’re bodily creatures who experience the world through direct contact with its beauties. As such it’s the way we see the world that shapes us and our lives. What’s more, all the things we consider and see in nature, as natural have some kind of really positive associations. Think for example of home interior design inspired by nature and referring to such things as natural colours, natural light, natural materials etc.

bright kitchenNatural colours are particularly interesting here. They can be understood in two ways. First of all, natural colours can refer to the colours frequently encountered in nature, in the world itself. In this case natural colours refer basically to earthly greys, browns, beiges, but you can also think of them in a much broader context, think for example about such colours a green of the grass, blue of the sky, red of the roses etc. They can also be treated as natural colours. Secondly, natural colours can refer to the manufacturing process of colour creation. In this context natural colours will be colours that are produced naturally without any synthetic additions or chemical processes based technological devices. Natural colours here are colours coming from for example natural dyes that can be found directly in the world – think of roots, flowers or nuts.

The beauty in its perfect form

It doesn’t really matter what do we actually call natural colours – what’s important is the fact that home interior designers are very well aware of the fact that natural colours can make truly beautiful and stunning interiors. As such it’s really essential to use their potential to the full and make home interiors even more pleasant and welcoming. After all, natural colours are really pleasant to our eyes, and what’s more they are also cures for our sore eyes. Nowadays a lot of people tend to spend a lot of time in enclosed spaces with no access to natural light, there’s only artificial lit space that’s somehow hurting our eyes. Due to this fact it’s really crucial to remember that access to natural light should be granted wherever it’s possible and should be made a priority when we’re designing spaces and arranging our rooms.


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