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Colour scheme – modern interiors

What’s a colour scheme

Colours play a really huge role in our lives. They are important because of a few things. First of all, colours can make a huge difference when it comes to the way we perceive the world around us. Everything here depends of course on the particular colour, still it has really a lot of meaning. Think for example about such things as natural colours, which can definitely make us feel at ease in a  given space and enjoy its comfort and beauty. Yet, in order to fully appreciate power of colours it’s really important to know how to use it to the full, how to pair colours, match them or contrast them. In a nutshell it’s important to know what’s a  colour scheme and how to make it work.

bright living roomColour scheme is a general plan for your colours as they are paired, matched or contrasted in a  given space, area etc. Colour scheme can refer to a single room or to a whole house or a flat. Nowadays it’s particularly popular to use the so called coordinating colour scheme. Coordinating colour scheme refers basically to the fact that colours are somehow coordinated throughout the whole available spaces – they are coordinated which means that they are similar, they are of the same shade or they are simply the same and only sometimes contrasted with some other colours. Coordinating colours scheme can work really great when you think of such things as for example: white washed kitchen, then slightly darker hall leading to cream white living room. Yet, it’s not really easy to make things look ,like that and make people feel at ease at the same time.

Bright rooms

Bright rooms doesn’t necessarily mean that they are somehow painted white and furnished with white furniture and other elements. Basically, it refers to the fact that they are simply well lit. They don’t need to be filled with whites yellows or oranges – they can be as well darker, but what’s important is the fact that they are simply created with harmony and everything is balances. Proper colour scheme allows to make things look natural, warm and welcoming, even if the actual colours aren’t really that bright. Let’s not forget about that and keep in mind that colour scheme matters a lot. If we’re having trouble with colour schemes sometimes it’s simply best to have them chosen by professionals. Home designers are well learned when it comes to colour application and can help us a lot in this exact matter. Luckily you can easily find plenty of things and ideas online. Check all the information there and try to find some actual inspiration.


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