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Kitchen tiling – practical advice

Why is kitchen tiling important

Kitchen is a very important place in our houses. It’s very often the centre where all the actions take place. It’s constantly bustling with life and ongoing action. Therefore, it’s really important to have it look good, warm and welcoming and at the same time to keep it practical. How can you effectively achieve all these things and what can you start with?

Sometimes, it’s best to start with basics. In case of kitchen it’s kitchen tiling. Kitchen tiling is a pretty broad term that encompasses both floor and walls. Why is it so important and what makes it worth our while? First of all, kitchen tiling can make a huge difference when it comes to general atmosphere. Properly chosen tiles with interesting colour and design, which are additionally laid out in an attractive pattern can effectively draw attention of your guests. Yet, kitchen tiling can’t be done without proper planning and consideration of overall kitchen design.

Key elements to consider

What are the key elements when it comes to kitchen tiling? First of all, think of  your tiles’ colour. Tiles’ colour needs to be corresponding to the colour of your walls, furniture and appliances. It’s doesn’t have mean it needs to be the same colour or a shade darker or lighter. Still, somehow it needs to fit the general kitchen design and colour scheme. Second thing to take into consideration are tiles’ patterns. Do you want your tiles to be completely plain or you’re thinking of having some patterns or coordinating picture? Finally, think of floor or wall tiles’ pattern.

There are variety of tiles’ patterns. Everything depends on the number of tiles you chose for a  given type. You can  have one tile, two tile or multiple tile system. Depending on this you can choose from the following floor patterns: diamond, diagonal, catwalk, pinwheel, versatile and many others. You should also keep in mind that a given pattern doesn’t always look good with plain tiles or tiles with patterns. You should always carefully consider the possibilities or decide to use floor pattern tools that are available online.


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