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Kitchen worktops – modern trends

Kitchen worktops – key features

Kitchen is a very important part of almost every household. Although, in contemporary times it seems that kitchens are losing a little of their power and significance, they still need to be designed properly. After all, no matter your economic situation and place of living you need to stay tuned and in line with contemporary design trends. What are the trends when it comes to modern day kitchens? First of  all, there are three key features or characteristics of modern design. These are: simplicity, functionality and minimalism. If you are set on furnishing your kitchen in line with contemporary design trends these three ideas should be your guiding lines. Summing up, simplicity, functionality and minimalism are the key features of modern day interiors.

Yet, what about practice and everyday aspects of modern day kitchens? How can you put these three concepts to work for you in your kitchen? Best practice is to start with something huge but simple. Kitchen worktops are therefore the best places to start. Kitchen worktops usually tend to occupy a lot of kitchen space and gather a lot of attention of your guests. Although, kitchen worktops tend to lose their significance, as more and more people tend to eat out or order ready-made food, you should care about them. For starters, you need to choose kitchen worktop’s material and design. When it comes to kitchen worktops there’s plenty to choose from. There are natural stones, engineered stones or cheap artificial materials. Which are the best?

Kitchen worktops – practical information

Kitchen worktops can be made bespoke. It means you can have your kitchen worktop fully customised and tailored to your needs. Whereas it’s obvious that your needs should be your priority, you must be aware that different material has different quality and can’t be turned into everything you imagine. For example, natural stones like marble or granite are very popular choices for fitting kitchen worktops. Yet, they come at limited range of colours. It’s natural since they aren’t artificial and can’t be engineered. Engineering can only spoil their natural inner beauty. Limited range of colours means you can’t have for example violet marble worktop. There’s simply no such colour existing in nature. Therefore, keep in mind that bespoke kitchen worktops also have their limitations.

Similarly with design. Although experienced natural stone suppliers have team of professionals skilful at design, fitting and installation, they can’t do the impossible. Granite and marble, although very durable, are also very fragile. Fitting and installation process must be carefully planned and done skilfully. Sometimes, available space is simply too little for a given design. Summing up, you should always choose carefully and be reasonable. All kitchen worktops materials have their limitations, even the engineered ones, and there is no design fit for all spaces. It’s all a matter of individual approach and style.


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