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Fireplace surrounds – why does it matter

Fireplace surrounds – best material

Modern interiors are often said to be stylish, spacious and comfortable. Very often they are truly superb but lacking the cosiness and homely atmosphere. Full of clean lines, horizontal spaces and carefully planned they tend to lose something. Besides, they all seem the same. Always following the tips of Scandinavian style or other fashion. How to get back your apartment and make it full again of your own energy? One if the ideas can be a fireplace. Fireplace is fire tamed, made into a form but still it’s alive and vibrates with energy. Fireplace can truly make your home stand out. Simple fireplace is not always enough. Good idea can be fireplace surrounds. This is the fireplace frame which surrounds the living heart of the fireplace – the fire. There is a plenty of various materials to choose from when deciding on framing the fireplace. There are natural stones surrounds, for example marble, granite or quartz. There are also engineered surfaces available such as ceramic fireplace surrounds. It’s also an interesting idea to make the frame yourself. By using only your imagination you can create crazy frame and make your home truly stand out.

Fireplace surrounds – set off your home

There is a lot of ideas how to make fireplace surrounds set off your home. If you decide to choose marble, which is very often recommended as the most suitable natural stone for fireplaces, you can be sure that your fireplace will emanate the royal air of lost kingdoms. If you make fireplace surrounds with granite they can give off the powerful magnitude of a true rock. Finally, if you are a skilled follower of DIT strategies you can do whatever you like and make it truly yours. You don’t need to be limited to only one kind of material. You can for example combine marble surrounds with metallic elements and give more of an industrial look. If you are artistically talented you can think of painting something on the frame or decorating it in any other way.


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