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Small but beautiful

Do you think that only big and spacious kitchens can look amazing? Nothing could be more wrong! Of course, if we have more free space, we have more possibilities of how to take a use of it. However, the fact that our kitchen is small and tight, it does not mean that you cannot choose stylish and modern design. A lot of professionals specialize also in small kitchen designs as they know that for someone who is not experienced in that field, furnishing might be quite problematic.

We would also like to present all small kitchen owners how to make this the most important place at each home really practical and beautiful at the same time. Remember that beggars can’t be choosers, so learn how drawbacks can be turned into advantages. Usually small kitchen are made in L-shapes to maximize the floor space. It is also good point to install an island which may maximize the space for cooking, food preparing and washing up. Absolutely innovative is making a trolley on wheels which at the first sight looks as the part of your cabinetry, but when you move it, it perfectly suits to the island: they are the same height, and made from the same material. Thanks to this, you may have an extra space for cooking, if it is necessary.

To create more storage spaces, you should think about open shelves, for example, over an island, or you can install some rails, which are perfect solution for a large number of pots and pans. All staff is easy to find and grab as well. If your kitchen is high-ceilinged, you can maximize the storage space by ordering the cabinetry which is up to the ceil. In this case, we also recommend glass door panels, which not only allow you to find everything easily, but also it creates an open feeling and make your kitchen more spacious than it really is. Now, you are probably thinking how to grab this entire staff if you are unable to reach so high shelves. In order to this, you can buy a wooden and foldable ladder. If you do not need the ladder, then you can leave it behind a cabinet, but it will be always on hand. You can also create illusion of bigger kitchen, by choosing light colours, especially of the cabinetry’s frontal doors, walls and countertops.

Moreover, make your kitchen as light as it is possible. The more light is in your kitchen the more spacious it seems to be. We recommend LED lighting which is also save-energy. You should get everything from your countertops. Try to find a space for each thing you need to keep inside cabinets and on shelves. That is really important; in such a small kitchen the entire staff is noticeable and creates illusion of a huge mess. The last and very important thing is quality. Having small kitchen, quality plays a crucial role in decorating. Because of the size of a kitchen, you can spend a little bit more on good materials for your countertops or a floor. Try to also personalize your kitchen by using more original staff. It does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on it, it is quite the opposite. You can go to the second-hand and look for something special, maybe not available in other shops. Even if it is not in perfect condition you can renovate it and add such extraordinary element to your interior.

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