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Most women are dreaming about the beautiful and spacious kitchen. We need a space and proper conditions for our culinary experiments. However, not only visual aspect is really important, but also practicality of this place. Why? The general purpose of each kitchen is everyday cooking. Of course, it is so obvious, but designing our kitchens, we sometimes forget about fact that the cabinetry, all equipment should be easy to clean, durable and resistant. Usually, we spend on kitchen equipment a lot of money, and because of this reason, instead of visual aspect, we had better ask ourselves: “Is it easy to clean?”, “When should I replace it with the new one?”, “Is it durable?”. Of course, perfect solution is to design a kitchen in such manner to be made practical and beautiful. Tastes are various, but everyone needs to feel comfortable in the kitchen. How to make our kitchens perfect? There are a few things that you should consider before you start your design.
First of all, think about storage. This aspect depends on how many people are in your family, and how often you cook. There are people who dine out every day, and actually, they have only breakfast at home. If you buy a lot of products, and cook a lot, then you need much more space not only for food but also for your dishes and all kitchenware.
Secondly, think about your cabinetry. It is not only about colours, but more important is the material. Your cabinetry should be easy to clean, because polished and shiny surface covered with numerous “fingerprints” do not look really nice, and you probably do not want to spend most time in the kitchen on cleaning instead of cooking. The most problematic is cleaning stainless surface. Water and cloth is not enough and thereby you need to use special cleaners to get rid of grease stains. Definitely better and easier to maintain are wooden cabinets. Your countertop must be also durable and easy to clean. Considering these requirements, the best option will be a counter top made from natural stone as granite or marble. Thirdly, your workstations should be practically designed. Islands, or butcher counter tops in the middle of a kitchen are perfectly solution. You do not have to run from the one side to another to take some staff. Thanks to this, you do not waste your time and free space in the kitchen. Undoubtedly, such facilities will make your life easier. Next very important element of each kitchen is lighting. Elegant, nice pendants are always desirable, but as far as practical aspect is concerned, more practical will be LED lighting. Although it is really expensive, LED lighting is worth investment. Such diodes are really energy saving, so you pay once, but in the long term, cots you incurred will come back later. After LED lighting installation, your energy bills will be much lower.
The last element of your kitchen design which should be practical is the floor. We do not recommend the parquet unless it is made from high quality and hard wood. Although, it looks nice on the floor, we should remember that kitchen is place where we work. There is a lot of wetness and grease, which are not only difficult to clean but they also make our equipment gradually damaged.

You can always plan your kitchen design in this 3d online tool.


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