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How to organise your kitchen

Well-organised kitchen is really important element of our home because every day, we cook there and prepare meals for our family. Eating is a pleasure, but before we sit behind the table, we need to make a mess in our kitchen. This is said to be the worst aspect of cooking – making a mess! Some women do not want to cook, because they do want to destroy the beautiful look of their kitchen and waste their time. Unfortunately, we need time for food preparation, but it also takes some time before we make our kitchen clean and shiny again. However, it is possible to avoid spending a lot of time on cleaning; the key point is to organize your kitchen in the proper manner.

Because of the fact that, there are a large number of women who are struggling with such issue, we would like to give some advices, what you should change in your kitchen, to enjoy cooking, without this frustration connected with cleaning. We will tell you how to keep your kitchen in the order. The first area you should tackle with is where you have all spices. Usually, this is super annoying place, where you cannot never find anything what you need. Because of this reason, we strongly recommend putting all spices into magnetic containers and stick them on to the fridge. Try to buy containers which are clear on the top and with magnetic surface on the bottom.

If you cannot find them, you can also use baby food containers or any other small glass containers and glue a magnet to the back of the lid. The last step is to label all containers by, for example, printing out small papers with the names of spices. After that stick them to you refrigerator in any pattern you like, but if your refrigerator is not suitable place for your containers, you can even stick them to any metal tray or baking pan, and then put it in the most convenient and practical place in the kitchen. Such solution is not only very simple, but it also looks stylish. Thanks to this, you will have an extra space on your countertops and in your cabinets. Other things which need organization are your plates and all staff necessary for food preparation. You can do it by using your file holder. The great idea is to put all your cutting boards in it what makes your cutting boards dry all the time.

On such dry surfaces bacteria is not allowed to be built up. You can also use the file holder to organise your pots’ and pans’ lids. If you have plenty of them, and they are huge, it be would very convenient to store them in such manner. You will see very quickly how easy is to grab them whenever you need it. File holders are cheap and available in any office supply store. Very important is also keep your fridge organised. We encourage you to have a board of food on your fridge. Your board can be simple frame which you may cover with the nice paper, and glue magnets on its back. Once you have made your borad, divide it into some categories, for example, “what is fresh”, “what to buy”. You can add whatever you wish and consider useful for you. We hope that after trying our several tips, life in your kitchen will be much easier.

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