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Granite gifts – original idea

Granite features

Granite is a valuable natural stone which finds many applications. It has unique qualities which make it especially useful in furnishing bathrooms and kitchens (most often worktops and countertops.) What are these features? First of all, granite is a really hard substance. Hence, it’s highly resistant to impacts and almost impossible to scratch. Try it yourself and you will see how difficult it is. It really drains the strength out of you. Granite is also highly durable and non porous. Don’t worry if you spill water on it. But still remember to wipe it dry. Apart from being stain, moist and heat resistant granite is also an eye-catching stone. It’s densely grained and has unique colours. Each granite slab is different. You won’t find two that are identical. Furnishing your bathroom or kitchen with granite gives them an air of magnificence and solidity. It is a powerful image.

Granite gifts – keep it original

Apart from using granite for traditional associations such as worktops, countertops, hall walls and flooring granite can be used in a more original way. Think of granite gifts. There is a lot of art galleries and shops which focus on granite as their artistic material. Although, granite is not an easy substance to work on and shape it’s worth a try. In shops offering granite products we can find for example: all kinds of jewellery with granite stones like bracelets or earrings, eye-catching charms or pendants, and objects like exquisite candle holders, pen supports or cufflinks. There are even more unusual granite products. Think of little granite cubes for whisky. They are used instead of ice to keep whisky in a perfect temperature. How does it work? Granite cubes are cooled and when put in whisky they give off the accumulated cold keeping whisky in the right temperature. Since, granite is a natural stone the cubes are devoid of any chemical substances and they don’t give off unpleasant smells. Besides, they can keep your whisky neat and cool without any water. What a perfect idea for a gift.


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