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Kitchen decor, and perfectly equipped interior


All of us dream about beautifully kitchen decor, and perfectly equipped interior. Unfortunately, usually our tastes are bigger than our financial possibilities, and thereby our budget “cruelly” limits us. Nevertheless, if your kitchen needs to be renovated, but you cannot afford to buy high-end staff and framework, there are a few simple tricks how to make your kitchen fresh and charming again. Our suggestions doe not mean that instead of spending a lot of money, you will have to waste a lot of time on your kitchen renovation. Not only is our goal saving your money but also your precious time.

At the beginnings start with your cupboards. If it has not fallen into disrepair yet, then we recommend flipping it a little bit by covering it with new colours. You can combine different colours or even paint some fantasy patterns which make your kitchen more original. There must be added that before you start painting, you need to clean your cupboards properly, sometimes with a sand paper. Thanks to this, surface of your cupboard becomes smooth and polished. By doing this, painting will be easy and pleasure. The best paint to use is satin or semigloss latex. You should also remember about removing all doors, drawers and hardware. Although painting is quite time-consuming, we do not have to persuade you that it is much cheaper to buy paints than change all cupboards. Moreover, you can really enjoy it and treat kitchen renovation as imaginative activity.

The other very important elements that influence the general look of your kitchen decor are lights. You can replace your old pendant with light emitting diodes, which make your kitchen light and stylish. So-called LED’s are quite expensive, but they are more economical than normal lightbulbs. Because of the fact that, LED’s are energy saving, they are said to be far-sighted investment as by purchasing such diodes, we strain our budget only once. We will feel great satisfaction if after a few months we receive lower energy bills.

Are you a little bit fed up with your table, but a few year ago it cost a lot and now you do not want to waste your money? Firstly, there is no need to throw it away. Secondly, you can refresh it by adding new countertop, for instance, wooden or if youcan afford to spend more, you can order the new one made from more durable natural stone, or low-cost but easy to damage laminate. At first sight, highly-styled granite or soapstone countertop seems to be expensive, but it is much cheaper that buying new table and a suit of suitable chairs.

We also recommend cheap and extremely practical butcher-block countertop. By installation such element, you can not only forget about any additional cutting boards, but it also will add very stylish and decorative look to your kitchen.

Budget but useful is open shelves installation. If there are some “free walls” in your kitchen, then you can add a few open shelves for jars or cups. When you order all items in, for instance, color-coordinated manner, it will look really nice.

Finally, do not forget about the cheapest way of kitchen refreshments which is purchasing new garniture such as vases, tablecloths, mats or spice containers.


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