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Bathroom vanity tops in your home

How to choose the best bathroom vanity tops?

Bathroom sink is the most basic home equipment. Not that long ago, sinks mounted on the walls were the most popular models, but today installing a bathroom sink in a worktop is in fashion. It is a very practical and elegant solution, but it demands a careful planning and design. Obviously, if you wish to have a great looking and functional bathroom, you have to choose proper bathroom vanity tops. How to select the best ones? You will find a couple of hints below.

First of all – the materials

The surface around the sink is in constant contact with water and moist – that is why it should be made of hard, durable and water-resistant material. Stone, ceramic plates, conglomerate, steel, glass and waterproofed wood. One of the additional advantages of such materials is the smooth surface which is impervious to water penetration and it is easy to maintain – you just need to wipe any stains with a cloth. Furthermore, bathroom vanity tops made of the aforementioned materials can be renovated, which means you can keep them in good shape for a long time. Obviously, when you choose the material you should take note of one thing – how hard it is to modify. Drilling holes in a stone or conglomerate or shaping it in sophisticated forms is much more difficult than cutting glass or wood and requires very specialized tools. As such, it is more expensive. Oh, and check another small detail – when the sink is put in the hole, it should be secured with silicone to prevent water from penetrating the structure.

Secondly – the color

Choosing a hue of your vanity top may also be a problem, as the variety of available colors and patterns is astounding and customers are literally overwhelmed by the choice. To make the whole process easier, you should think about simple color mixes. The hue of your bathroom vanity tops (read more on www.bespoke-worktops.co.uk)  has to match the overall design and vibe, especially with the color of the floors and walls. Account for the furniture color as well. The best mixes are simple contrasts dark-light or one prevalent tone of the whole interior. Style is also important – modern bathrooms will benefit from steel, glass or stone tops, while traditional will look much better with wood or tiles.

Third aspect – the price

When you choose the material for the bathroom vanity top, you always should look at its price. It should come at no surprise that natural materials, like stone or wood, are more expensive than steel or glass. If you wish to achieve a stunning effect however, buying a stone worktop is a great investment, as such material will last for a next couple of decades and are certainly worth the higher price. Of course, if you cannot afford a stone worktop, artificial materials will also suffice – laminates and conglomerates are also beautiful and when maintained properly they are almost as durable as stone, so they will be a great choice for those with smaller budget.


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