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Key benefits of stone worktops

Stone countertops once again are back in style. Moreover, they are used not only in the kitchen but in the bathroom as well. Thus, we decided to write about them, due to their popularity. Below are some of the most important advantages of stone worktops, which will surely convince you to utilize them in your home / apartment. Read on.

Advantages of stone worktops

  • Rich and highly diverse colors – natural stone is available in a large amount of gorgeous shades. The palette of colors you can find includes white, cream, pink, blue, yellow, brown, beige, gray, green, red, black, and many others. This in turn means that the possibilities of arrangements are endless, and the stone worktops can be matched with any interior design.
  • Timeless – stone is a material that never goes out of fashion. It always looks beautiful, is aging well and it is suitable for use in any interior, both modern and the one decorated in a traditional style. We can therefore say that the stone worktops are timeless product and their purchase can be regarded as an investment for years.
  • Versatility -natural stone worktops blend with any interior design. Moreover, even if you decide to change the decor or the color of the room, they will adapt to the rest neatly.
  • Strength – this is the biggest asset of stone worktops – greater durability than any other material available on the market. They look pretty much the same after 20, 30 or 50 years. The only thing you should do once in a while is maintain them and clean them.
  • High resistance to damage – stone is also known for its high resistance to mechanical damage and acid. Thus, there is no concern that the stone worktops quickly lose their beauty (a large selection of products you will find at www.bespoke-worktops.co.uk). Their structure cannot be penetrated by dirt, so there is no such possibility.
  • Non-combustible – stone worktops slowly heat up, therefore you can put hot dishes on them. They are non-flammable, so you can place them near stoves and gas plates. This is an extremely important feature, especially when you are going to use them in the kitchen.
  • Resistance to moisture – the stone does not absorb moisture, so there is no need to worry that the spill will cause damage. This ensures that stone worktops are ideal for kitchen or bathroom, where there is considerable moisture and there is a continuous contact with water.
  • High hygiene and easy care – due to the fact that the stone worktops have a perfectly smooth surface, their structure is not able to absorb the dirt. What’s more, keeping them clean is very easy. Just wipe them with a soft, damp cloth, wipe dry and that’s it. It is also recommended to carry out a maintenance once or twice a year – it further increases the durability of stone (especially marble).
  • The possibility of renovation – you can easily restore flawless look of stone worktops. All kinds of cracks, scratches, etc. can be removed in the process of grinding. This feature provides the advantage over the countertops made of other materials that cannot be so easily renewed. Of course, the removal of defects is associated with the costs, but they are much lower than those connected with re-purchase of the countertop and its installation.

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