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Beautiful granite flooring – which place’s the best

Granite flooring – what you need to know

If you’re looking for durable and resistant floor one of the best ideas is granite flooring. Granite qualities are perfectly suited for flooring. They are especially good for kitchen and bathroom floors where there is high level of humidity and a lot of other harmful factors. Granite is also non porous which means it’s not easily damaged by spilled liquids. Because of this quality it also very hygienic – bacterias can’t develop on its surface. Apart from these qualities, granite is also very easy to maintain. To keep it clean it’s enough to mop it with soft brush like once a week. This can keep the dust off. Good idea is also to use vacuum with ‘hard floor’ mode, which doesn’t scratch the surface. If you want to wash the floor just use damp mop soaked in warm water with specially dedicated detergent. Then wipe it dry. To give the flooring final shine wipe it with cloth soaked in oil and then polish. If you need to feel more comfortable, good idea is to have the flooring resealed every few years. Apart from that, granite flooring doesn’t need any special treatment.

Beautiful granite flooring – the best places to boost the effect

Beautiful granite flooring can truly give your home a classy touch if you are looking for such flooring to your house visit polishgranite.co.uk website. Although, it’s not easy to slice it and install it can be shaped in different sizes. It can be made to fit all kinds of interiors. You can also choose the size of slabs or tiles. Granite usually comes in darker colors, but if you need there are also others more beckoning colors. Creamy granite flooring in interior otherwise furnished with dark furniture can be an interesting idea. It’s also good to know that granite can be finished in various ways. You can have a high gloss finish, where granite is polished in such a  way as to clearly show all crystals. You can also have mat finish, where the surface isn’t glossy at all and seems to be frosted. There are also types of finish which come somewhere between these two. Development of technologies allows for various polishing techniques and effects. Also when it comes to shapes you can decide on clearly cut lines or more natural rough edges.

To boost the effect while furnishing your home with beautiful granite flooring it’s worth to know all the newest methods of granite processing. Processing includes knowledge about possible ways of cutting and fitting the stone, ways of installation, which can heavily influence the final effect, and types of polishing. The best places for granite floorings are many. There isn’t one perfect. The key is to combine granite coloring, shape and polish with a given interior. Imagine for example kitchen all in white colors and clean lines. It’s furnished with state of the art furniture and appliances. It’s all sterile white. Some additions in intense colors and juicy green plants give it life but it still needs this final touch to truly set it off. The flooring is a perfect place to make your otherwise boring kitchen stand out. Here, dark and mat surface is what can nicely combine with whites. This is just one of the example how contrasting different materials and surface can boost the effect of natural stone allure.


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