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Outdoor kitchens – ideas and practical tips

Outdoor kitchens – ideas

Outdoor kitchens are highly popular in some countries. Especially Australian people with their hot and dry climate have a knack for outdoor cooking and eating. Still, other countries, with not so hot climate are also developing a passion for outdoor cooking facilities. Outdoor kitchens can take various forms. They can be really simple cooking places, with a countertop over a fire or become extended spaces with all kitchen appliances, like countertops, cabinets, ovens, sinks and even ice boxes or full sized fridges. The extent of your outdoor kitchen depends on you and your exact purpose. If outdoor kitchen is only there to serve as a place where you can have your barbeque prepared and the meals are eaten inside simple countertop over the fire is enough. However, if you want to go all the way, not only prepare food but eat outdoors and clean the plates as well fully furnished outdoor kitchen should be your choice.

Outdoor kitchens – practical tips

Before setting on outdoor kitchen consider the following things. First of all, choose your method of cooking. There are many possibilities, but the two most common are barbeque styles or hob fittings. You can always have them both or decide on clever combination of these two. When cooking method is decided make sure to have a food preparation post. Make sure there is plenty of space available so you won’t have to be running inside your home to get the ingredients. If the preparations post has enough space you will save your time and energy. Finally, choose a suitable material for countertop. Remember that outdoor kitchen needs to withstand harsh weather conditions and changeable weather factors. Heavy rains, wind blows, huge temperature variations etc., are just a few examples. Hence, be sure to have countertop which is highly durable and not easy to damage. Good choice is always granite or engineered stones with enhanced strength and durability.

Outdoor kitchens above all should be designed to be functional and easy to use. You must be able to navigate them easily and have everything you need within reach. Only then, when you’re sure all the practical needs are met you can start thinking of its attractiveness and aesthetic qualities.


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