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Granite worktops Liverpool – Matching the texture of your cabinets

If you’re in the process of embellishing your brand-new kitchen, or exchanging a few older elements for the new ones, but you have a huge dilemma (e.g. you’ve always desired to be in possession of beautiful sleek, polished stone worktops, but were afraid they will conflict with your grainy, rough wooden cabinets), then we have a solution that could fix your troubles. You can still opt for the same stone worktops, with the same colour & composition, but instead of a polished shine, have the surface honed. In short, a honed surface is a rougher overlay given to the worktop to eliminate the mirror-like shine/polish that’s typically associated with standard granite worktops. When you choose this you’ll be left with a coarse exterior of the worktop, something along the lines of leather on a car, or natural river-rock that’s been slightly polished by water over many years. This honed style is ideal for traditional kitchens, with rougher themes e.g. matted tiles or unpolished wooden cabinets.

If you’ve never seen this effect in real life before, and you’re looking for quartz or granite worktops Liverpool with such style, then check out this link: polishgranite.co.uk/about-us/operating-area/granite-worktops-liverpool – this company will be able to either send you samples of the honed effect through post, so you could directly compare them against the floor, cabinets or other surfaces. Alternatively, they can invite you to the showroom in Salford Manchester where numerous samples are exposed. That way you’ll be able to actually touch these finishes and observe them up close, determining how they present themselves on a variety of colours/materials. In the end, this is a big factor, because a honed granite will look a little different to quartz, so it’s always recommended to visualise these aspects in real life.

What other stone worktop textures are there?

Apart from honed finish you can also order matt, flamed or of course go for the classic polish. Once again, all of those are available on Polish Granite’s website, so if matt/flamed granite worktops Liverpool appeal to you, feel free to visit: polishgranite.co.uk/contact-us/ – once there you’ll be able browse through all the details and find all the info regarding the finishes that you require.

Granite worktops Liverpool – Are these texture finishes more expensive than standard polish?

The answer is yes, however the expenses aren’t usually raised much. The only challenge that may arise is the fact that such matt/honed/flamed effects can only be applied to specific, limited amount of materials. Unfortunately, many suppliers of stone slabs opt for the standard polish for their products because this finish sells better, and the sales are always guaranteed. This isn’t always the case with any other texture. Besides, anything other than polish is a lot harder to achieve so in many cases they deem it less profitable and only keep a selected number of their products in the aforementioned effects.

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