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Kitchen countertops reflect not only our style and trends in fashion, but they also should have enough space to work – kitchen plays as decorative as functional role. There will be many opportunities to remodel the kitchen countertops as per the necessity. We would like to present you several options in kitchen countertops designing. First of all, current kitchen countertops should be eco-friendly. In other words, they can be made from the materials such fly ash or recycler paper.

In addition, countertops which inhibit the growth of bacteria and resist stains, scratches and heat are also desirable today.  However, the other trend is to have the countertops made from the natural stone. Nowadays, there are many natural stones used in kitchen countertops manufacturing available at the great variety of colours, patterns and textures.  The other possible materials are: wood, concrete, laminate or ceramic tiles. Taking the environmental protection into account, engineered stones are the most environmentally friendly and delicate forms of manufacturing. Moreover, such countertops are extremely durable, beautiful, hygienic and easy-to-clean.

The other trend in kitchen designing is the butcher block countertops – classic and natural timeless design which brings to your kitchen warmth and loveliness. Due to the fact that butcher countertops are also durable, they provide great and long-lasting effects. There also should be stressed that concrete countertops are on the top. Concrete materials designs will make any kitchen practical, beautiful and original at the same time. Those who prefer highly modern designs can go for extremely out of ordinary stainless countertops. In spite of appearances, they are really easy-to-maintain. In addition, stainless countertops are very durable as well.

There is also good news for the owner of the kitchen with solid surface countertops – they are another trendy element of modern designs. Solid surface countertops can be purchased in various colours, patterns. What is more, they are said to be heat and stain resistant. We also recommend ceramic tile countertops which fits to any kitchen design. They will change the entire look of your kitchen. Customers go for tile ceramic countertops because they are available at reasonable prices, great variety of colours and textures and very easy to clean surface. The other possible option is buying plastic laminate countertops. Such material will “survive” a lot, and will serve you for many years. Again, available in limitless choice of colours, textures and patterns, laminate countertops are welcomed in any kitchen design.

As you can see, there are various options for your kitchen design which you can go for. All of aforementioned types of materials are in fashion, but they vary in price – countertops made from the natural stone can be really expensive. However, no matter what type of material you can afford to, if you match all elements perfectly, then your kitchen will look great.


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