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Draining grooves on quartz worktops.

Do you have draining grooves on your quartz worktop? It would appear that the stone industry is a field where everything was already done, and all other designs are based on the classic designs. But this is far from the truth – there is still emerging innovation, and there is a great opportunity to introduce new ideas and facilities.

Draining grooves as kitchen worktop improvement.

One of the latest and most common ideas introduced in modern kitchens is an extra/additional element in your worktop – for example, draining grooves which are built into your worktop. What is the function of this? In subtle and elegant way, the sink is combined with the grooves to form a neat sanitary module. In addition, the grooves help to quickly drain the water and to speed up the drying time of the worktop, as well as limiting the surface area for water splashing. This is not only practical and a convenient solution, but also very aesthetic option, combined with sanitary elements. What is certain is that our kitchen will look supreme – it is worth considering this durable, aesthetic and a practical investment.

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